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Some stuff I came up with  Empty Some stuff I came up with

Post  shadowcrest on 3/31/2012, 4:25 am

and then my friend it came to pass that dragons passed from this world all together, never to be seen or heard from again, but fear not for there is hope in a legend of old, one older then time itself, so old in fact that it has faded from history altogether, long forgotten....

Legend of the Dragons

...And as the world stood crumbling before the man he thought " what can we do now? What hope do we have left?".....As man gave up hope of survival, but fighting to the bitter end all the same, When all does seem lost and there is no where left to turn but oblivion....The Winged ones shale rise again my friend and rule the skies once more bringing balance and peace to a once magnificent land now ravaged by time and countless meaningless wars; and there to see to the Winged ones resurrection wile be a race that has long since been a friend of the Winged ones. They shale barre the Knowledge of races past and with it they shale aid the Unknowing one's that will bring about the return of there kind only regret is that I will not be there to see that day........

-Legend of an Unknown Prophet

Continuation of Legend....we apologies for any gaps or unreadable words contained in the following as the ruin was badly damaged and illegible in some places

But beware for there is a ______ta_l if the ______ ret__n_s _____ grate war ______ and there w_l b_ countless lost t_ w_u_d __ tr_ja_y ________dark times i_d_e_ if ________ is aloud to take ________ then all __ l_st. ca_'t __be _llow__ to _____n or a__ is _os_ B_w_re for if it should _om_ t_ P__s Th_n all Will Perish..... only with the grate sphere of amonityan will we be able to _a_e everyone and S_t_p ________ the map to the A_on_t___ is in the_...all else is Illegible

another ruin was found with the following it is decidedly more legible

W__n the w_n_ed ones rise peace will rain, but if the Fan_ti_ns s_o_ld rise a_a_n with th_m then the_e will start a gr__t w__ between the winged ones and th_m.....ma_ki_d will n_t be a ta_g_t in this if the F_no_ian sh_uld w_n out....humans will become little more then slaves....

Look to the past for guidance look to the future for hope.
Assume nothing, question everything.
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