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Post  DEOHEM on 6/18/2013, 10:29 am

So, I know this is Shadow's corner, but I wanted to butt in just this one time. I did some writing while I was on a mini break last week, because I had nothing better to do, and I know I'm never going to finish what I was writing because I can never finish any project I start for the most part. So I figured I'd copy paste it here, just for funsies, for anyone to read if they want.

Chapter 1 – A real, big mess

“Name’s Felix. Got room for one more?”
Three heads turned to look at me, standing awkwardly in the doorway. I could immediately tell I was in the right place from the lavish furniture and light jazz playing softly in the background. That, and the fact that directly in front of me I could see Buck noisily gorging himself with the assorted snacks piled liberally on his plate, being the only one of the four men at the poker table who had not bothered to look up at me.

“Says e’s a friend of Buck.” This came from the hulk of a man holding the door open next to me. A typical tough guy, obviously assigned as the guard for this poker game, with a face so chiselled he could pass for a rock, or maybe a mountain. Actually, his head did kind of look like a mountain. His hair was spiked up so that it came to a point and his jaw was wider than the rest of his face.

          My studies of the man’s fascinating face were interrupted by another figure, walking up to the table from the shadows at the back of the room. Despite the mention of his name, Buck was still engrossed in his food, murmuring sounds of delight and approval, so he was in for quite a shock when the man who had walked up behind him slapped him on the back of the head. Food shot rather comically from his mouth, some pieces landing in the lap of another man at the table. Buck began to make strangled coughing noises, whilst the man with soggy food adorning his trousers stood up in outrage and began screaming wildly in Buck’s direction. Unfortunately, I’m not sure Buck could hear him – his eyes were wide and I think he was somewhat busy choking to death.

          Looking on at the chaos, quietly making my leave was a thought that did occur to me, but I’d come here to make some money, not cause pandemonium within seconds of my arrival. Mountain Head soon left my side by the door to try to calm down Soggy Food man, putting his hands on Soggy’s shoulders in an attempt to convince him to sit back down. Soggy spun around and then began spouting profanity at Mountain Head, pure fury (and some spit) flying out his mouth.

          Meanwhile, the man behind Buck was furiously slapping him on the back to no avail. Now that this man was in the light, I managed to identify him as Buck’s brother, Lucky Lou. He was the guy running this poker game, the ‘host’ I suppose. I wasn’t too clear on exactly who he or any of the guys were except that they were some sort of modern day mobsters. Lucky Lou was the boss of his own gang and I guessed that these other guys were either part of his gang or just friends. What was I doing here? I was starting to ask myself the same question.

          “Christ, it’s not working!” Lou yelled. “What the hell are you two doing? Help me out here, for God’s sake!” He was referring to the other two men still sat at the table. One of them had white hair and wore glasses with a huge black frame. There was really nothing else remarkable about him, apart from the fact that he was sat up straight and looking worried, but hesitant to get up and do something - probably because he had no clue what to do.

          The other guy sat at the table was almost Big Glasses’ opposite. He was leaned back comfortably in his chair and had a smirk on his face, seemingly enjoying simply being an observer, as if he was watching a play. He had black hair slicked back and looked well dressed, appearing to have the most expensive suit out of everyone in the room. I couldn’t help but mark him as a guy to watch out for. All of these men were volatile and dangerous, but Slick here certainly stood out from the others. He began to chuckle as Lucky Lou tried to wrap his arms around Buck’s massive waist in an attempt to carry out the Heimlich Manoeuvre – although they were brothers, Lou was rather thin while Buck was positively huge, his masses of flab making it understandably difficult to help him stop choking.

          At this point, Mountain Head had lost his composure and was now swapping curses with Soggy. I could already tell that the situation would only escalate from there – Soggy seemed the type of person that would start beating someone up, maybe kill them, over practically nothing. By now he’d brushed the food off of his trousers, but Buck’s saliva on the food had left a wet stain on the trousers located unfortunately on Soggy’s groin. This was soon something that Mountain Head made light of in their battle of insults, causing him to laugh uproariously when Soggy looked down at his trousers.

“Ha, did all this commotion make you a little too excited? Ahahaha!” Mountain Head’s deep bellowing laughter echoed around the room, the matter not helped by the fact that Slick then also began to laugh.

          Soggy whipped out a gun and pointed it directly at Mountain Head’s forehead. Glasses stood up and fumbled around his waist before pulling his own gun out, aiming it shakily at Soggy. He used a rusty revolver that looked as though it might not even work. Then again, I didn’t know anything about guns. In fact, at this point I was really wishing I had just left while I could – if I tried to leave now I figured one of these psychos might get angry and fire a shot at me.

          “Just – Just put the gun down, Robbie, we can work this out, I mean, we, we all, we’re just here to play some poker, right?” said Glasses, his voice noticeably quivering.
“Not so funny now, are you, tough guy? Huh?” Soggy thrust his gun square in Mountain Head’s face, who had lifted his hands into the air but still seemed somewhat calm, judging from his unwavering facial expression. I could still hear Buck choking, and when I looked over I saw Lou desperately trying to help him, though I couldn’t help but think it looked more like he was furiously humping him. Slick was still lounging on his chair, looking keenly at Soggy with interest.
          A few moments passed, then Mountain Head finally decided to try to calm Soggy down himself.

“Now look –“

“BOOM!” I’d never heard a gun go off before, but as Soggy’s pistol sent blood spattering on the wall I remember it sounding sort of like a firework, an ear ringing explosion you should be nowhere near to when it goes off. Soggy yelled at the same time he fired, then soon after began to laugh maniacally, kicking Mountain Head’s body away from him. I immediately took a step back, decidedly intending to get the hell out this place.

“And where do you think you’re going?” As I’d feared, Soggy then lifted his gun again to point it squarely at me. I thought about running anyway. He was about 5 feet away – he could still miss from there, right? I liked gambling, but I wasn’t too sure I wanted to gamble my life.

          Buck finally coughed up the piece of food he was choking on, sending it rolling across the table, past where Slick was sitting. Slick took a sip of the glass of beer he had on the table, sighing pleasantly. Glasses still had his gun pointed at Robbie, but I knew he’d never dare fire it.
“Well, that was fun.” Slick’s smooth voice filled the room. “And here I thought we’d be playing a boring game of poker. You certainly know how to put on a show, Lou.”
          Buck collapsed in his seat, panting heavily. He was covered in sweat; his light blue shirt had now turned into a navy blue shirt and the light shone off his damp bald head. Lucky Lou looked similarly dishevelled, attempting to straighten his tie and move his hair out of his face.

“For fuck’s sake, Robbie, he was my cousin’s nephew.” He said.

“Yeah? Just seemed like an asshole to me.” Soggy had turned his head to talk to Lou, but his gun hadn’t wavered from being pointed in my direction. Mountain Head’s blood was running down the wall. I felt sick. Sweat was running down my face, but I didn’t dare lift my hand to wipe it away. Lou sighed.

“You’re gonna have to clean up that mess, you know, Robbie. I ain’t doing it. Now, would the two of you,” Lou gestured at Glasses and Soggy, “please sit your asses down so we can play some damn poker?”

Soggy shook his head, tucked his gun into his waistband, then sat back down at the poker table, seemingly forgetting about me. Glasses did the same, taking several deep breaths in an effort to calm himself down as he did so. The table was covered in both crumbs and partly digested food and there was a dead Mountain Head lying in the corner. I couldn’t believe they were still going to play poker after what had just happened.

“Good. Alright, so – hey, who the hell is this?” Lou pointed directly at me. Buck finally looked up at me.

“Oh!” he exclaimed. He stood up, intending to introduce me. In his eagerness, his large stomach knocked the table, managing to spill both his and Glasses’ pints of beer all over the table.

“Ahh for cryin’ out loud, Buck! You’ve ruined the fucking table! I don’t know why I invite you to these things. Every time, you manage to fuck something up. Every time! Are you trying to embarrass me, Buck? Is that it? You’re, what, jealous of my success?”

“No, no Lou, come on, you know I don’t mean it. I’m just clumsy sometimes, it could happen to anyone.”

“Except it doesn’t, does it little brother? No. It always happens to you. I’ve given you too many chances already, Buck. You ain’t coming back to another one of my games.”

“But Lou –“

“That’s enough outta you, Buck. Now clean up this fucking mess. And for god’s sake, tell me who this moron standing in my doorway is!”

“Oh. Er, Lou, this is my friend, Felix. We grew up together, known him a long time, he’s a good guy.”

Lou walked up to me and stared silently at my face. I couldn’t help but be a little intimidated. Mountain Head’s body remained in the corner of my eye, a reminder that I didn’t belong with these people.

“So. A friend of Buck’s.”

“Yeah. Good to meet you.” I stretched my hand out for a handshake. I left it there for a few moments before it was clear Lou didn’t want to shake my hand. I awkwardly put my hand back in my pocket and cleared my throat.

“So, uh, Buck told me a lot about you.”

“I certainly hope not.” It took me a second to understand what he meant.

“Oh. I guess if I knew too much, you’d have to kill me, right?” I gave a nervous laugh. Lou’s face remained stony and I instantly regretted making such a stupid joke. There was another awkward pause before Buck decided to pipe up.

“He’s hoping to join our poker game, Lou.” Lou’s expression suddenly changed to a welcoming smile.

“Well, why didn’t you say so? Benny!”

A thug I’d passed on the way up to the room appeared at the doorway behind me. “Yes, boss?”

“Get an extra chair for my friend here. We also need a vacuum cleaner, a new poker table and someone to get rid of that body before it stinks up the place.”

“Right away, boss.”

I had almost hoped that Lou would just turn me away. Instead, he’s happy to let someone he doesn’t even know join his high stakes poker game? I thought again about running out the door. Playing poker with these killers seemed like a terrible idea. What if Soggy got angry if I won? Before I could make my escape, Lou had his arm around me and was leading me toward the poker table. It was like he was my buddy, all of a sudden. “It’s gonna be a great night, Felix.”


The night was a fucking disaster. In barely any time at all, I ran out of the money I had brought to gamble with and had to borrow some from Lou. And then I lost that money, too. It wasn’t long before I was half drunk and borrowing more and more money from Lou only to throw it down the drain.
          It was only towards the end of the night that I began to realise how often Slick was winning. Even though I was somewhat debilitated, I did start to think it odd that Slick never really seemed to lose much of his money. When I realised this, I then started to finally think about just how much money I’d lost. Then, I realised the majority of my money had been lost to Slick. And when I thought about that, I started to think about how willing Lou had been to let me join the game.

          The game would be ending in a matter of minutes, but I still made sure to observe Slick carefully. Now that I was focusing on what he was doing, I could see that he was clearly cheating and not even being too discreet about it. I saw the tip of a card briefly slip beyond the cuff of his shirt and at that moment, I very nearly called him out. Even if I was a little drunk, I had enough sense to know accusing one of these guys of cheating would not end well.

          I concluded that Slick was one of Lou’s goons. He was taking my money, as well as money I borrowed from Lou, so that now I owed Lou a lot of money. I wondered if Buck knew about this. I didn’t think so. Buck may have been involved in his brother’s mob business, but he was a good guy all in all and I’d known him a long time. The work he did for his brother never involved hurting anyone, as far as I knew. In fact, I don’t think he actually did much work at all. Perhaps he’d mentioned I wanted to join the game in advance to Lou, without knowing Lou would cheat me out of my money.

          So what could I do now? Nothing. I’d gambled money away all night like a fool and realised what was going on far too late. I didn’t even know exactly how much money I had borrowed from Lou. The only thing I knew, was that I was in a real, big mess.


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Post  shadowcrest on 8/15/2014, 2:28 pm


Your the top comment XD

Also, this story shows great promise.

I think you should pick it back up, but only if it interests you.

Never write a story you your self have lost interest in. If you no longer care for the story it shows in your work from then on. If you no longer care for what your writing why keep writing it and why expect anyone to read it?

If you don't care no one else will.

Look to the past for guidance look to the future for hope.
Assume nothing, question everything.
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