Exerpts from Shadows book (remake)

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Exerpts from Shadows book (remake) Empty Exerpts from Shadows book (remake)

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"Marlo, we need to move now!!" "yes, yes, give me a moment Qalin." "We don't have a moment Marlo!!" Qalin pares a sword thrust and stabs the creature hes fighting, killing it. "If we don't get out of here soon-" "Got it, lets go!!" Marlo says" "Qalin nodes and starts toward the door. "If we make it through this, remind me to kill you." Qalin says, "Oh but then, what was the point of all this? Marlo says, Qalin ignores him and continues running, swords drawn. Marlo points to the door up ahead "See, were almost out of here. Suddenly an arrow sprouts from Qalin's head, he falls to the ground dead. Marlo watches in horror as Qalin falls, but keeps going knowing that, his friend is already dead. He get to the exit and freezes, unable to move. A figure steps before him. "Fool, to think you could steal from me!! Marlo falls to the ground completely paralyzed. "Others will come Delfise, we will have the stone back. "Ah, but I believe they will meet the same fate." Says Delfise, "Tell me, When does Selquin plan to fight me again, hmm? Marlo smiles and starts to laugh, "Whats so funny? Delfise says furiously, abruptly he walks forward and stabs Marlo in the thigh. "what-is-so-funny! Says Delfise twisting the knife with each word. Marlo sucks in air, but redoubles his laughter. Delfise laughs too as he pulls out his sword, stabbing Marlo through the heart. "damn that was annoying." he says. Reaching down he removes a purple pouch with gold trimming, then he starts to walk away, but is stopped by Marlo's hand, at first he's shocked; then understanding dawns on his face. "Selquin, its not nice to use your dead friends body like that; besides you've already lost." As he says this he waves the pouch in front of Marlo's face, but Marlo just smiles at him. "I think not Delfise, this day is our win. Delfise frowns, "How could it possibly be your win? he says, " Your men are dead and I still have the stone. Selquin starts laughing. "Your a bigger fool then I thought Delfise." and with that Marlo's body goes limp again.
Delfise stares at the body for a second, then slowly pulls out the contents of the pouch. He stares at it for a second his face contorting into a crazed smile, he starts laughing maniacally dropping the useless stone to the ground.

To be continued latter... when I'm not half asleep.... yes I wrote that while half asleep.

ok I did some editing to it.

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