Forum Rules - Read Before Posting!

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Forum Rules - Read Before Posting!

Post  Sarah on 8/29/2010, 3:29 am


If you post on the forums, we will assume that you've already read the rules.


1. NO profanity.
2. NO spamming.
3. Do NOT post any lewd images.
4. Do NOT link to any illicit websites.
5. Do NOT harass other members.
6. Do NOT impersonate other members.
7. Do NOT discuss how to do anything illegal.
8. You may not advertise ANY game until you have posted or replied to a minimum of 10 posts or more.
9. Advertisements posted right after making an account will be deleted as soon as possible and the advertisers account terminated even sooner.

Breaking any of the rules will result in being BANNED.

Note: We may change the rules at anytime without notifying you.

Identifying a user:

Warning System:
Whenever you receive a warning a will be added to your rank; when you receive three you will be banned.


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